A letter to the engineering student who bunks a lot

A letter to the engineering student who bunks a lot and thinks that it’s cool to bunk-:

My junior engineering student,

So, you got into an expensive engineering college, to fulfill the dream of your father of you becoming an engineer. So, it was not yours but your mother’s expectations from you to get an engineering degree. You think that engineering is all about long hairs, being cool, and extending the assignment submission date. You think that engineering is all about nonsense funs, and getting backlogs is normal in engineering. You also think that backlogs will be easily cleared once studied carefully. Oh! Let me come to the point. You think that by bunking you are becoming superior to the system. You are becoming a cool guy by doing this.

A funny thing is that, if you are reading this, then it is highly possible that you have never bunked the class. It is possible that you never wanted to do bunking and you are reading this just for entertainment. So, if you are one of those people, please share it in your engineering class group in Facebook or Whatsapp. After reading this article, your future will be bright because you will know what you are doing. Sounds simple, right?

In engineering, there is lot of workload. There are assignment submission dates and within two days, there is a test coming. So, so so…what to do???

Engineering study is a process and not a destination. Engineering study can never be done like you used to do in 11,12; when you read before 1 months of final exam and got good grades; most possible distinction++. Engineering is a subject that requires continuous practice. Engineering is learning how to learn. It is about learning a new skill through every subjects. It is day to day process. Doesn’t this sound boring? Oh, I have to study daily to get an engineering degree. Oh, I can’t. I have been passing all exams in my lower level by cheating in exams, you may be thinking like that. But that won’t simply work in engineering. You can’t cheat in a subject, where there are new problems coming in every exams. So, it is impossible to do here and there in engineering and pass it. You will have to dedicate enough amount (say 6 hrs daily) in order to succeed in engineering. And if your target is even just passing, then also you will need to dedicate 2 hours of daily study only.

Notice that, you are becoming a reputed professional called engineer. You may have known this,” What comes for easy doesn’t always last long.” So, it is. Engineering doesn’t come for easy. You will never get an engineering degree if you haven’t spend at least 2 hrs of study per day.

Even if you somehow managed to do here and there and got an engineering degree without studying much (which is by no means possible), you will end up not getting any jobs.

You may think that those things that are taught in engineering are full of theory and that doesn’t matter. But, that is a shit that slow minded and retarded people think. All the theory has its importance. It helps you to increase your problem solving. It gives you to find more about that subject. It helps you to learn more about that topic. This may seem useless. Yes, some things of our education system are useless. But engineering has ensured that it provides a 21st century education to engineers. Look at the curriculum, you are taught c++, c; then learning extra stuff is you own duty. It is not the duty of college to increase your skills but it would be good if you could do that.

Now, again come to the point of bunking.

When bunking comes into your mind next time, think of the following things-:

  1. Your parents have paid many many money to make you educate in that college. You may think that my parent earn much money. But, remember, no matter how much money they earn, it is not easy to earn money. You have to work hard for it. You will later know it, when you get some sense of maturity.
  2. You have been paying to the college department teachers. Yes you have been paying to that shitty teacher who doesn’t know how to teach and you also have been paying same to the best teacher of your class. Do you want to give money to someone who doesn’t give anything in return to you? Surely not. Then why are you bunking class and leaving classes everyday? Why the hell are you doing that? I know that you are 18,19 when you are reading this. And I also know that this is the age of high energy when you feel like you can do anything in life. But, wait. Are you settling up for anything in your life? Are you ready to get whatever you get in your life?
  3. Think like this. Your life is the integration of your each day. Your each day is the integration of 24 hours. And your 1 hour is the summation of 60 minutes. So, why the hell don’t you utilize your each day, each week. Do you still think that some day, magic will happen and your life will be changed? Few years ago, I used to think the same, now I don’t. I know that everything happens to us in predictable way. If you are utilizing your time, then you will make a good day and a good day will mean a good life.
  4. Some of you who bunk classes are those students who think that, what will others say if I sit alone in the class. What will other students think of me? Will they kick me out of the group? SHUT UP. And stop that nonsense. After four years, the fourty students of your class will be in four direction. Believe me, except your best friends, you will not be in touch with anyone. And if something is happening wrong, then it is the ability of a good human being to tell that it is wrong and act accordingly.
  5. Mass bunks in engineering happens for nonsense reasons. They are like this. Say someone hasn’t still finished a practicals, then they need a bunk break. Likewise, when someone hasn’t still finished assignments, then he needs a bunk break. Similarly, when someone hasn’t studied for a test, he needs bunk break.
  6. And in engineering, in many colleges, the class representative has a major power in deciding bunks. If the Class Representative wishes, he can give bunk break to everyone or continue to continue classes. So, voting for the right person is the only answer to this.

Think of this thing. After 4 years from now, you will need to get a job. If you don’t become serious now, getting job after engineering is almost impossible nowadays. Focus on your career for 2 years of engineering, entertainment can always be done later in life.

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