electric circuit theory viva questions for lab

  1. in parallel resonace, the current is-

a)0 b)min c)max d)half of max

2) in series resonace, power factor becomes

a)infinite b)0 c)1 d)1/2

3)if we have rlc circuit then which order differential equation are we going to get

a)1 b)2  c)3 d)both a an d b

4)bode plot is used to represent

a)tiime response b )frequency response c)both d)none

5) time constant of rc and rl circuit are _______________fill in the blanks

6) the continity equation for an inductor is ________________…

7) write the names of two major electrical instruments that you used in lab ________

8) sawtooth curve signal is

a)odd b)even c) neither d)may be a or b

9) the previously energized capacitor at t=0(+) behaves like

a) current source b)V source c)none d)inductor with magnetic field

10) which is the case of over damped condition of rlc circuit?

a)a>wn b)a=wn c)wn>a d)a=0


wn=2 pi f

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