Facebook is annoying

Facebook has totally gone mad..It is so slow…full of advertisements and sponsored posts…What the hell…I get 1 sponsored post per every 2 friends posts…What the f### is this this??? I can’t tolerate that. And I am going to stop using facebook.

I have to use facebook because some notices, are there, which i only get on facebook.

I am planning to use facebook from 9:45 PM to 10:10 PM, I recommend you to do the same as this wil help you to get every notice from everyone..as all sleep after that..

I also put ads on this website, which is not my main target of this blog though. I want to sell sth to you in the future(for 0.99$)…but I don’t know what to sell..ebooks or what…I don’t know…I really do not want to keep ads, but the main thing is that, I need to pay the hosting money+domain registration=25$ in my country..I have earnt very less money till now…pls




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