Half wave rectifier notes+Full wave rectifier notes

half wave rectifier, full wave rectifier
half wave rectifier, full wave rectifier

half wave rectifier notes is here in this video, I have very well discussed everything in this video. sorry for the camera, it was moving here and there. I hope that doesn’t affects what I am saying. And please tell me, which one do you like better? My videos or my blogs?

Full wave rectifier notes are in another video-:

I don’t want to whine. But, the video quality may be bad, but; also it takes a lot of effort, time and dedication to make all these course contents when you know that; opportunities are better in other fields than this, way , of teaching course contents. So really a few people do this. I am not complaining, but..You understand it yourself. I am not going to make hell lot of money from these course videos and blogs. Instead if I do something else, that will give more money. But, still, I am doing this. But I feel really bad when people say that I can’t do anything else so I do this i.e teach people in internet. But that’s not the case, and those people need to understand this.


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