How to go from 100 views per day to 1000 views per day

my blog is not about blogging.

it is an educational blog about programming.

but i will like to share how to go from 100 views per day to 1000 views per day.

i think 1000 views per day is pretty much FINE for earning money through advertisements. i guess one can earn around 50$ from adsense with that traffic.

add another 100$ from affiliate sales+ few 100$ through sponsored advertisements, you can easily make around 200$ per month, which is not a bad starting point as a passive income.

i googled around this topic but could not find a good article so i wrote one myself.

today, i am getting around 100 views per day.

i have 227 published posts.

even if i could get 10 views in each posts, i would get 2270 views per day =68,100 page views per month.

this is not a bad amount of traffic.

many people suggest that write about something that your audience is reading.

but i think it is bullshit.

at the start, i had no audience. i wrote about programming projects and chemistry and now i am getting few visitors from those blog.

but i don’t want to write only about chemistry and programming projects.

my plan is to write about the things that are not easily available in other blog posts.

after completing my c++ blog, i am planning to give a google advertisement of it. i hope to increase my traffic to around 1000 views per day with that.

at the present moment, my c++ blog is at inheritance.

PS-: People think that writing blogs is easy.

but in reality it is not.

no matter how is the blog design and content(except copied blog posts), the blogger has invested a huge amount of time in writing these posts.

people take it for granted since it is free.

i don’t even want to make it free nowadays since i have spent a huge amount of time on these things.

i want to see the growth organically rather than through paid advertisements.

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