How to promote my new book?

promote my book, promote my self published book, promote my newly written book
promote my book, promote my self published book, promote my newly written book

Either you might have self published or you may have published your book on Amazon; but yet nobody is giving attention to your nicely written book. You know that you can fire the world through your book positively, once you get some people to read that book; but you are not getting any customers of your book.

Have you just written a new book and are wondering how to get many people buy your book? You know that you are a good person who wants to change the world but, you are not finding any people; whose life you will change through your book?

In short, are you searching for customers of your book?


If yes, then you are reading the right article.

We will make thousands of people to read your book.


Step 1-: Consider that you have written a new book called “XYZ”(any name!).

Step 2-: then you will send us that book pdf to

Step 3-: We will read that book, and summarize it. Then we will also recommend that book to our readers.

Step 4-:You will get many readers of your book.

Q1) What do you take to read our book?

  • We charge according to the price of your book.
  • If your book costs less than 10$, we will charge; 15$ per summary and review.
  • If your book costs more than 10$; we will charge; 50$ per summary and review.
  • Charges are negotiable though they are very much less.

Q2) How do I deliver book to you?

  • We will receive your books via e-mail at
  • But, if you want to send the book copy, then you can send your books to our post box office address; which you can get by asking us an e-mail in

Q3) How can I be sure that my book summary get published and when do I pay? After publishing or before publishing?

  • We will post the summary of your book within 15 days(maximum) of getting your book.
  • No, you can’t pay us once we read that book. First you need to pay then only we will read that book and publish a summary.

Q4) How many visitors will this book reach? How is your audience?

  • We have been publishing a lot of book reviews, which you can see in our previous articles. We also provide tutorials to engineering students in this website. So, you can be sure that your book will reach to many people lives. Currently, our daily traffic fluctuates between 100-300 page views
  • Monthly page views=5000-10000 page views.

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