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We are a website which is providing FREE(*) education to engineering students. Many websites( I don’t want to take name) charge for what we give for free.

We finally reached to a decision and we have decided that we will use guest post in our website. We will accept the guest post from you.

You need to write a minimum 500 word article and send that article to (our official e-mail).

Your article can be about-:

  1. Science and Engineering related
  2. Self help books related

You can post research, observations, analysis and anything about science and engineering.

Similarly, we are also educating people through self help books, so you can post the summary/explanation of books that you have read just now.

After you send your article to us, we will analyze its quality and will post in our blog.

About our visitors, we are getting very low amount of visitors, at the time of writing this article. But, I hope that god won’t keep the same thing happening forever. And, later we may be more successful than we are today. Currently, it is getting 5000 page views per month.

We will also post the link to your blog, in your article. And this all is for free.

If there are still any doubts, then e-mail to

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