It has been 1 year of blogging,and …-my experience with blogging for 1 year

It has been 1.5 years of starting this website. Many people are searching in the internet about these topics

when will i earn from blogging?

it has been 1 year of blogging, but still not more visitors, or say, not more money; not even 100$ of google adsense LOL.

today in this article, i will informally share you all the experiences cultivated with more things necessary to share. my blog is not about blogging and wordpress. so i will be as informal as possible.

ok, i started blogging. in the beginning, my plan was to make a blog about everything. i wanted to fill tutorials, football world cup news of 2018 as i made this just few months before 2018 world cup,gadget reviews, elon musk to mars news, game reviews of android and iphone, and many things. i am happy that i didn’t do that. it would actually be an useless blog if i did that. why? because plenty of articles are already decaying around this topic. i might have got some social media traffic who click on good thumbnails, i might have even earnt more money from it, but that website would not be causing any difference to the world. if you are still confused on what topic to blog on, read below advice, nobody will give this advice-:

1)google adsense is not blogging. whenever people think of blog ideas, they think that the main thing is that it should be suited to keep google adsense. so our goal becomes to start technology blog, mobile review blog etc. but that shouldn’t be. i remember when someone in online forum told me this at the beginning, but it didn’t strike me at that time.

2)blog about sth that you are good at. now this is controversial. maybe you aren’t good at anything. but there’s sth that you can easily do if you dedicate time. say, you are lazy but you can cook a great meal. then, why not blog about foods?

say you are good at anything? why not good at that anything? i don’t know how to explain this, but blog about sth you are good at. because people don’t come to see google adsense ads, they come to see if someone has solved the problem they have in internet. the traffic that comes for entertainment is lazy and passive. for eg-: whenver you click on sth like “chulbul pandey looks of dabangg 3”, you are probably lying in bed wanting to sleep.

but when you search “how to find a good headphone in market”, you are going to take some decisions.

so, as much as you can, write about sth that helps people to solve their problem, or say helps them to decide.


i thought making website with wordpress was the most important task. i did it in 1 day. then i bought hosting other day. it cost me 25$ initially to buy hosting. later only i knew it was just a basic plan.

then, in the first days, like everyone else, i used to get 1 view per day. i wrote lots of answers in quora. i had read somewhere “give your website link like a candy”. i did it. in youtube, quora, everywhere. i searched for ” when will i get 10K traffic per day in my website” and many things like that. slowly, after few months; probably 3-4, views started to be around 1-10 views per day. this continued till 1 year, i think. then after 1 year it became upto around 30-50 views per day. it was after i removed google adsense in my blog. i don’t know if that is what is increasing views in my blog. I had hear somewhere that removing google adsense indeed enhance visitor’s experience. i had also written many extra questions and their answers, especially those that weren’t found easily anywhere. this is indeed the actual mission of this website.

it may sound just 30-50 views per day. but it is not less. from 5 to 35, i.e 600% growth in just 6 months(after static 1-10 in 1 year).

Now, i will do sth fun. I will predict what my pageviews per day will be after another 6 months. I guess it will be around 200+, hmm either 245 or maximum 500 pageviews per day.

Update after few days-:

Yesterday my website views exceeded 100 page views per day. It was actually 123 page views per day. But I won’t count that 23 page views because they might be the one that I visited myself. I don’t know if my pageviews are also counted in analytics or not.

I think I am going to catch the exponential growth if it goes like this. But sad thing is that today, there is no sign of reaching 100 page views. In the day when I reached 100 page views, I had already reached 64 page views in the morning. Now, today, I still have just 17 views when compared with yesterday’s page views. But I know that this is no way less traffic. more users is something that I want instead of getting more page views.

* * * *

but on another case, if i take linear growth of my website, then, after 6 months, i will get only 75-95 page views per day. these are just predictions done for fun. whatever be the result, it will be fun especially if you had been here before that 6 months.


I hope I don’t get this linear growth because I like the exponential growth.

* * * *

now, many of the bloggers will tell that if they should close their website. i know the south asian problem, it costs 50$ to host a website, so that makes a lot of people to stop the website, when they don’t earn money. even if my blog never makes any money, i might stop writing furthur current but will never shut down this blog. there are many reasons for me not wanting to shut down this blog. they are-:

1) the cost of hosting is around 5$ per month, which is nice amount of pocket money in south asia, but still that amount of extra money can be somehow managed yourself. i mean it doesn’t cost you 50$ per month to host. you can save 5$ however and host the website. many people spend 5$ per month on watching cinemas in hall, or any other entertainment.

2) to not stop continuous using the brain. i mean, i have to use my brain daily on various things going in the blog. also, i never have any spare time nowadays because of this blog. that is nice, i think.

3)likewise, i have spent more than 2000 hours on this blog till now. and i will be spending more time. there might not be 2000 hr content but considering the time required to think, plan, learning to use softwares to do this and many things on the way, it must have took me around 2000 hr. i mean i have spent lots of time in this. how can i now stop hosting this. i will never do that.i may stop writing any new blog posts, if i stop getting views.

* * * *

nowadays i don’t promote anywhere because my articles are not that type of blogs that needs to be promoted (paid or free). but even without any promotion in last 6 months, i have actually grown visitors. in the last 30 days, i got 1421 views,709 users and 459 were organic search. only 35.26% users came through promotion and 64.74% came organically. this is a good sign, because those 250 users (35.26%) may not come afterwards, but many of those  459 users will come again if they liked my blog.


another impressive thing about this blog is the average time spent on page, which is 1.21 minutes, and i don’ think that’s bad. why? because that is average time. i consider it good due to the following reasons-:

1)it is the average time for 30 days, not 1 day-for 30 days. some day, people will not even come to your website, but on some days people will spend many minutes in website.

2)it is the average time, meaning-someone might have spent 8 minutes on one page. especially, organic traffic spends more time on page. and those 35.26% traffic might have spent not even 10 seconds on page i.e they ran away before loading the page properly seeing that “not secure website” sign. i want to remind you that “not secure” sign isn’t anything dangerous. i don’t collect any data from you. i don’t know about who is the person visiting. no worry with that “not secure” warning.

Update-: My page views are increasing but session duration is decreasing. Bad sign.

* * * *

my future plans-:

no matter whatever i have tell you, earning money from what you are doing always feels good. so i will target revenue from this blog, but before that i should hope that my page views go to 500 page views per day. i don’t want to use google adsense again. if i see a good method of generating revenue that doesn’t hampers user experience, i will use them. but if nothing is found and google adsense  seems the only option, i may have to use it again. but lets hope page views go to 500 page views per day instead of just 100 page views per day. i will add as much content as possible to add.

i haven’t done anything that i didn’t tell in this article. the core thing that i am doing that took me to 1000-1500 page views per month is writing articles that solves problems.

i always wanted to write about 48 laws of power, but i feel like that is not my main niche. so, i have piles of topic to blog about and that makes me hard to write motivational articles. actually my motivational/self help articles (not just book reviews) has been successful in this blog. i will surely love to write about those topics. one person from pakistan actually messaged me to write about that topic. i will love to write about that. but for now, i am busy with some more blogs especially electronic devices and circuits. it is taking a lot of time to post about these topics.

i also wanted to write about football but that’s not my main niche. my quora answers about football get me 2K views in short time which is impressive for a writer who writes without focusing on making answers viral.

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