Lab Viva for Digital Logic

  1. Tell some of applications of buffer?a)They are used to introduce small delays
    b)They are used to eliminate cross talk caused due to inter electrode capacitance due to close routing.
  2. 4 bit counter is incremented by

ans- 1

3) BCD counter is (how much bit)

ans=4 bit

4) IC Number 74195 contains

ans=4 bit shift registers

5)16*4 RAM indicates that the memory locations are-:


6) When the mode of an adder subtractor is zero then it


7)4 bit parallel adder produces outbit of(bit)


8)Edge triggered flip flops can be-:

ans=Both positively and negatively triggered

9)8 input MUX will have

ans=3 select line (2^m=8)

10)Any number which is greater than 9 in BCD, produces

ans=blank pattern and meaningless pattern

11)2×1 mux has

ans=1 select lines

12)In full adder

ans=sum=a+b+c ;;carry=ab+bc+ac

13) No. of half adders=2=one full adder

14)NAND gates to make a full subtractor


15)CMOS=Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

16)Race around condition always ariese on

ans=asynchronous circuit

17) any combinational circuit can be built using

ans=nand, nor, mux

18) what is the thing that helps to convert special code into temporal code

ans=shift registers

19)zero has two representations in -:

ans=sign magnitude

20) IC decoders are made with

ans=nand gate

21)encoders are made with three

ans=OR gate

22) A toggle operation by-:

ans=and gate

23) boolean algebra based on=logic


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