Money Calculator project in C++ Source Code

we are going to discuss this program

source code is below-:

What we did here was, we followed the following steps-:

We are needed to find the average monthly income, so we made array of income in 12 months ..say it is X[12]…and then we took the input of array elements from 1 to 12 i .e from month january to month december.

Now, we want to find the average monthly income of that person,and we know that

avg=sum/total n

so, we need to find sum before finding average

Hence,for that, we calculated sum as sum=sum+a[i]..addition of array with a simple variable is possible here! some one may get confused here…here a[i] is not the whole array, it will depend on the value of i,what a[i] is showing to us.

Now, we want to display the income of that person.

We don’t want our income to be displayed with 8 decimal figures, do we?

Remember that keeping many decimal values is necessary where even a small change of order of micro or nano, can have a great effect, and yes there are technologies which get affected by these amount of changes, let’s not get diverted towards that.

So, for showing only 2 decimal values we did “%.2f”-i.e we used the format specifiers here.

Hence done.

Though this may not seem as a good project like the one I did in past, but these small projects will also help you to learn data structures aand algorithms as well as programming.

They will also be suitable for programming contests also.


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