Should adblockers be banned? Is advertisement industry dying?

the main thing is that people love tv advertisements but hate these internet banner advertisements.

i always used to think that the advertisements on tv are ok but they should be less frequent and short.

(watch a 3 hr movie on star gold, you will be watching it for 6 hr. LOL. they should instead go for 1 advertisement of 15 minutes at the interval rather than spamming with advertisements; but that would also make people stop watching those 15 minutes advertisements. but something like this will be entertained by people)

the advertisements on internet i.e the banner advertisements are very bad. they are around the article. some people have no problem with them but some have problem with them.

it will actually be better if we could show advertisements after user stays for more than 1 or 2 minute on the website. that ad could be any type of ad, preferably video ad. and the users should be warned that they are going to see an advertisement after 1 minute.

people don’t hate ads. nowadays we can see more and more adblockers being used but people really don’t hate ads. they hate the way ads are shown in the internet; in a banner ad form.

i hope the advertisers take their attention to this issue.


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