the leakage current of a silicon diode is Is=10^-9 A at 25 C. and the emission coefficient n=1.6. The operating junction temperature is Ts=65 C. Determine, i)the leakage current Is 2) the diode current Id at Vd=0.8V

use formula for saturation current(which is not in your text book)

Is(at T=60)=Is(at 0) 2^(0.1(T1-T0))

0.1 in 2 to the power is a constant and will be used in all cases..

ans will be like


next part is obvious


Id=Is e^(diode voltage)/nVt———– n=yotta=1.6

Since operating temp is 60 C

so use Is at 60

Vt at 60= kt/q ; use k=1.38*10^-23 (constant)

now, Vt=0.028 V

so put all those values and u will get

1.88 A]


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