Why do you need to know yourself and your ability?

ways to get to know yourself, most important skills in life, what are my skills, what is my ability, what are your skills and abilities
ways to get to know yourself, most important skills in life, what are my skills, what is my ability, what are your skills and abilities

We need to develop all abilities that we have already acquired within ourselves. But very few people do so. Many men are just running here and there to learn new things, do new things. They don’t know that they already have a huge resource within them.

If you could realize all the power and possibilities now at your command, you’ll possibly shock your relatives and friends.

A circumstance can make an elephant do what the circus master wants. It is happening because an elephant does not know its own potential. And the real life scenario of this is you being dominated by your boss.

Once a carpenter was making toys for his children. Then, one man asked him that he should make more to us and sell. Later he became the richest man in England.

So, just think! A man who used to make toys just for his kids, got an idea that he needs to make more toys and ended up being the richest man in the whole England. And I swear, if you are reading this; you are going to be the best in at least one field; not necessarily money though!

So, remember that you don’t need to leave your present environment to succeed. You don’t need to leave your home and go to foreign countries in search of opportunities. Opportunity is in the palm of your hand. It is just there within you! But you don’t realize that you are such a potentially well fulfilled person.

“Time is a very precious jewel.” Yes, it is even more precious than money. God loves his sons/daughters. So he gave equal amount of seconds in everyone’s life. Now, it is upto us how do we spend such precious time. Most of us don’t want to waste time, but we don’t know what to do in our leisure time. It is the problem for someone who wants to do something in life, but doesn’t gets how to do it. Just, brainstorm. If I say you, that you need to do this and that, you will never be a time utilizing person. But, if I don’t advice about it right here, you will at least think yourself/Google about this and find out the best ways to utilize your free time.

The funniest part of human beings is that we are very careful to take care of 100$; but, we have time which is worth much more than it; our time is worth more than the money that could ever exist in the universe. We could change the lives of many people in that times, we could easily make someone else’s life better in that time(along with profit for us!). Money is important; but less important than time.

We use our time as if 1 day or 1 year were but a trifle from an inexhaustible store. We can’t realize that once  this jewel is gone, it never comes back. It gets buried in a sea and never comes back to us.

You need to stay prepared for the time. Your time starts now and just now. There is no such things like overnight success, dreams fulfillment in real life. There is a formula for utilizing the opportunity. And that formula is to utilize your time right now to prepare yourself for that opportunity.

Perhaps, every boy in his teenage years had thought to himself that he’ll do this great and that great thing. But when time passes, he forgets what he say. Why? Because he stops believing in his potential. The ups and downs of his life shut his motivation down.

Life is comparable to a checkerboard and a player opposite to us is our time.

With an abundance of ability lying within us, we seem to continue to complain, feel sorry for ourselves and regret that our lives are so short.

Millions of people fail due to procrastination. They keep pending their tasks due to laziness+distraction and never get them done.

Just go, stop using mobile/facebook/twitter. Limit your time to visit educational websites like this. Limit your time for good and bad things. Create a schedule. Create some tasks to finish and keep on going. Don’t ask your friends, they will never want you to succeed because there exists a competition with you and your friend.

But, wake up and do that shit!

It is the time now!

You can  do it!

Some of the words of this article is deduced from the book How to use tact and skill in handling people? By Paul P. Parker; This is an excellent book of few pages and I would recommend reading this book. Every words used in this are a gem and can be a life changer for someone!

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