Write a program to show the execution of constructor and destructor in case of single inheritance. Also show the output

How to design the program-:


single inheritance needs to be made-:

Read about Single Inheritance

let us create classes like base and derived.

we need to make constructors and previously we had read that



We need to prove this with our output.

We will just simply create 2 constructors in base and derived as well as 2 destructors.

TO call constructor through the main function, we will make an object of a derived class as “Derived d”.

NOW TAKE PEN AND PAPER AND WRITE THE BELOW CODE IN YOUR PAPER. Writing in paper makes you understand the code more than writing it in codeblocks. YOU must be thinking about C++ projects like snake game and tic tac toe. Stop thinking about them now, first learn the basics well. I have even done few blog posts on those types of projects and I am willing to do more blog posts related to it. So, first just try to understand this topic.


base class constructor

Derived class constructor

Derived class destructor

base class destructed

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