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We are a engineering students who have completed first year of engineering. So we provide the engineering lectures notes of first year in our website. Not only this, we also give tips and tricks to study engineering.

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We are a website that is the solving the greatest problem of engineering students, so we are growing day per day. Our viewers are from USA,UK and India,Nepal. The public response is huge. Graduates are messaging me telling that they wished that this website existed when they were studying engineering. Likewise, since this is not only about Engineering lectures, but also about the books summaries so the book lovers appreciate us; they say that we are undoubtedly the best book summaries content providers till now. So, I believe that this website will continue to grow furthur, at an unbelievable rate; not because this is a website; but because this website is solving a huge problem.  And because of that, we have a highly engaged readership, with thousands of readers visiting our site each month. The fan base is growing in such a way, that it looks impressing! So you can grab an opportunity to advertise on this website, and we will be happy to share a space with you!!! Likewise if you have some goods that need promotion, we are ready to publish that in our website; provided that your goods will be useful for our readers!!!

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