Electrochemistry-engineering chemistry notes and explanations

In this blog post, you will learn about “electrochemistry” of engineering chemistry, but it will be useful for bsc as well.

What is electrochemical series?

The series of electrodes in which they are arranged in ascending order of their reduction potential value is called electrochemical series.


  1. To predict the power of electrode.
  2. To predict anode and cathode for galvanic cell.
  3. To check if the reaction is feasible or not.

What are the differences between electrolytes and galvanic cell.

Electrolytic cellElectrochemical cell
  1. Electrolytic cell converts electrical energy into chemical energy.
  2. No salt bridge for electrolytic cell.
  3. Anode and cathode are dipped in same electrolytes.
  4. Electricity is necessary to proceed reaction.
  1. Electrochemical cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
  2. Yes, salt bridge for electrochemical cell.
  3. Anode and cathode are dipped in different electrolytes in this type of cell.
  4. Chemical energy is necessary to proceed reaction.


What is salt-bridge? Write its functions.

Ans->Salt-bridge is the U-shaped glass test tube which uses KNO3, NH4Cl mixed in Agar-Agar gel.

Salt-bridge has the following functions-:

  1. It connects anode and cathode internally.
  2. Salt bridge helps the ions to flow from one tube to another.
  3. Salt bridge minimizes junction potential.

What is meant by standard hydrogen electrode?

Ans-> Standard hydrogen electrode is the reference electrode which is used to measure standard electrode potential of single electrode.

How do you measure the electrode potential of copper electrode?

To measure the standard electrode potential of less electropositive metal like Cu,Au, hydrogen electrode should be connected as anode, and the following setups should be done.

Non-standard electrode-potential-:

If the electrode of a cell is not measured in standard conditions, it is called non-standard electrode potential.

How to measure the standard electrode potential of zinc electrode.

Here, zinc is more electropostive thatn hydrogen so, if its electrode potential is to be measured then standard hydrogen electrode should be connected as cathode in right.

Single elctrode potential magnitude depends on-:

  1. Nature of metal
  2. Concentration of electrolytic solution
  3. Temperature
  4. Pressure

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