Paints and lubricants solved questions-For Engineering Chemistry

What are the characteristics of a good paint?

  1. The paint should not be cracked easily.
  2. The paint should not be peeled off easily.
  3. The paint should cover high surface area.
  4. The paint should be highly stable in operating temperature.

What are the types of lubricants?

  1. Liquid lubricants= vegetable oil, petroleum oil etc.
  2. Semi-solid lubricants= grease
  3. Solid lubricants= MoS2,WS2, graphite etc.

Characteristics of a good lubricant-:

  • Should have high flash point and fire point but low pour point and neutralization point.

Functions of good lubricant-:

  1. To reduce wear and tear of the machine.
  2. Lubricant acts as cooling agent.
  3. Lubricant acts as a seal.
  4. Lubricants enhances the efficiency of a machine.

Emulsum paint-:

Emulsum paint is the dispersion of synthetic resin in water. Emulsum paint contains pigment, medium, extender, preservation, drier and anti-foaming agent.


  1. Since it is washable so used in walls.


It is the dispersion of synthetic resin on suitable solvent and apply on wooden and metallic surfaces.


It is the pigmented varnish which is applied in metallic surfaces.


Pigment is the part of the paint which provides color to the paint.


Thinner is the property which makes the paint surface thin by adding kerosene, oils etc.

Solid lubricant-: the lubricants used at extremely high operating temperature is called solid lubricants.


Lacquers are used in wooden/metallic surfaces so that it doesn’t becomes dry faster.

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